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Stopping to Breathe

Sapiens Dominarbitur Astris
17 February 1984
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Ivanova is love pain God
90s music, alan/flynn/lora, alison cameron, andros/ashley, andros/zhane, ashley/andros, ashley/zhane, asiago, astronema/zhane, axel/roxas, axel/roxas/namine, babylon 5, boyband nostalgia, boys, cam/dustin, cam/hayley, cam/hunter, cam/hunter/dustin, captain jack harkness, cartographer's craft, cassidy-not-beaver, celebrities, cheddar, cheese, chicks dig copperbadge, conner/trent, copperbadge, cybermen, daleks, dean winchester, dean/sam, doctor who, doctor who 2005, doctor who 2006, ffx, ffx-2, final fantasy 4, final fantasy 6, final fantasy iv, final fantasy vi, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, firefly, gay, gregory house, harry potter, hayley/cam, hot boys, house, house/cameron, house/cane, house/chase, house/cuddy, house/wilson, hunter/dustin, ivanova is always right, ivanova is god, ivanova rules all, jack harkness, james wilson, jimmy wilson, karone/zhane, kaylee/inara, kh, kh2, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, laocoon's children, lisa cuddy, mac, mal/inara, mal/simon, mal/simon/jayne, mickey/jake, mmpr, mozzarella, music, nine, nine/jack, nine/jack/rose, nine/rose, nine/rose/jack, ninth doctor, paine, parmesan, popslash, power rangers, power rangers het, power rangers slash, prdt, pris, prns, prtf, ricky/jake, rikku, riku/axel, robert chase, rose tyler, rpf, rps, sam winchester, sam/dean, sane!cassidy, serenity, simon/jayne, simon/kaylee, sora/kairi, sora/riku, sora/riku/kairi, sora/roxas, stealing harry, supernatural, susan ivanova, ten, ten/rose, tenth doctor, tidus, tidus/yuna, tommy/andros, tommy/jason, tommy/karone, tommy/kat, tori/blake, trent/kira, tron, tron/flynn/yori, veronica mars, veronica/logan, wes/eric, wes/jen, writing, yrp, yuna, yuna/baralai, yuripa, zhane/ashley, zhane/astronema, zhane/karone, zoe/wash, zoe/wash otp


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